May 04 2021

For the wine connoisseur, there is little more excitement to be had in this world than the presentation of a new bottle of red or white being brought over to the table. A full wine rack filled with your personal favourites for all occasions, ranging from Friday night dinner through to a special event, is what makes a collector truly happy.

When we select a new bottle to place into our rack, little thought is given to the weight of the bottle. After all, who considers how much a standard bottle of wine weighs? It is something that we, as manufacturers of high-quality wine racks, have to consider as part of our designs – otherwise, our product simply wouldn’t be fit for purpose.

The Weight of a Bottle of Wine

A standard bottle of wine holds 750ml which, when full, will weigh roughly 1.2kg (or 2.65Ibs). This is dependent on the size and thickness of the bottle, which can make a considerable difference to the overall weight.

Many UK stores offer half-size 375ml bottles of wine, which will obviously weigh less than the standard bottle. Other factors to consider include the density of the wine; a Beaujolais will be lighter than a Port, for example, and the depth and shape of the punt of the bottle – the deeper the punt, the less glass is used (storing less wine) making for a lighter bottle.

Champagne/sparkling wine bottles tend to be made with much thicker glass, due to the pressure inside the bottle (around 90psi) and can weigh up to 900g on their own before any wine has been introduced. Filled, you could be looking at around 1.65kg (3.64Ibs).

Making Sure Your Wine Rack is Strong Enough

Let’s assume that you have a taste for champagne and/or sparkling wine (who doesn’t?) and are looking to house a collection of 24 bottles. For argument’s sake, we will say that each full bottle weighs 1.65kg – making the overall weight of your collection 39.6kg (87.3Ibs). That means that your wine rack of choice must be strong and stable while allowing for ample room in which to house your bottles of choice.

One such option would be the wine rack cube on sale from Cranville Wine Racks, which neatly stores bottles in four different sections (with enough space for six bottles in each quadrant). The design of the cube is simple but effective, with the weight spread evenly across the bottom of the cube. If you have a larger collection than 24 but are a fan of the cube design, its versatility means that you can use the rack in conjunction with other styles of racks, or with other cube racks that can be placed either alongside or on top of one another.

Securing Your Wine Rack

Due to the size and weight of larger collections, all safety precautions must be taken to protect against potential accidents – both to you and your collection. This is why all wine racks over five holes high should be secured firmly to the wall, offering better protection and security. This reduces the risk of your rack falling over with your collection smashing either on the floor or on top of you or anyone else in the vicinity.

The maximum height of wine rack that we recommend is 20 bottles high, roughly two metres in length. It is dependent on the style of wine rack you have invested in as to whether it is secure enough to be stacked on top of one another, such as is possible with our cube wine racks. For larger racks where stacking is not possible, Cranville Wine Racks offers a clip joining system where you can piece together your wood and/or metal wine racks.

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