Here at Cranville Wine Racks, we know the struggle of discovering a new bottle of wine, only to realise that you have no space to store it. We are wine lovers, just like you, so the thought of being forced to store wine on the floor is a sad one. That’s why we can offer you a modular wine rack system that can adapt to your needs and store your entire wine collection in the utmost style.

This was the origin of bottle blocks - the honeycomb wine rack that effortlessly brings together functionality, practicality, style and customisation. Our bottle blocks are specifically designed with ease of use and attractiveness in mind; made from only the highest quality pine and easily painted or varnished, it’s easy to adapt the bottle blocks to fit your home’s décor. Whether you’re storing a few bottles on your kitchen counter or stowing a huge collection in your cellar, the modular bottle blocks are sure to work for you.

Moving away from the aesthetics, this wooden bottle block storage solution is a completely unique and patented system. By combining a hexagonal wine rack design with expert manufacturing and handcrafted sections, the end results is a durable and attractive system that is simple to assemble and even easier to modify. Regardless of what space you have available, the bottle block can be adapted to fit. This is the wine rack that works around you.

The bottle blocks themselves are made using a series of the two basic building blocks. Central sections are slotted together to create the core of the wine rack, whilst the single-curve side panels enable the edges of the honeycomb to be built into further wine bottle spaces. Through this system, you can create a wine rack of almost any shape or size.

Most of our customers start their foray into the bottle block system with a small table-top starter pack then grow their bottle block collection as and when they require it. The unique and unusual nature of this honeycomb wine rack is guaranteed to grab the eye of visitors and family alike, giving your home an added rustic charm that everyone loves. Plus, only ethically-sourced pine wood is used to create the bottle blocks, so you’re helping the planet too!

Protect your wine whilst unleashing your creativity with a bottle block system. Perfect for individuals, families, large collections and tiny spaces - build your own bespoke wine rack and let your artistic flair shine through! For more information on creating or purchasing your new modular wine rack, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 01234 822977.

Combine a contemporary system with a classic look by investing in a unique and easy-to-use bottle block system. Give your wine collection an adaptable upgrade and enjoy the attention it receives from everyone who enters your home.