Our delightful bottle blocks offer a unique and attractive method of storing your wine collection, effortlessly combining practicality, functionality and endless style with the utmost ease.

Our wooden bottle block systems are made from only the highest quality wood and finished to perfection, ensuring a handcrafted storage solution that is guaranteed to last the duration. The rack is both versatile and adaptable without compromising on the aesthetics. This ensures that it is equally at home in your cellar or wine room as it is on display in the kitchen or dining area.

Featuring a simple yet incredibly effective and striking modular design, our bottle blocks are easy to assemble and easy to modify. The main structure is comprised of a series of basic building blocks, all of which can then be joined together to create a bespoke wine rack of your desired size. No matter how big, small or extravagant your needs, a bottle block system from Cranville Wine Racks will provide the perfect solution.

Many of our customers choose to begin with just a small table-top starter pack – ideal for smaller collections. However, as your wine collection grows over time, it is incredibly easy to add additional modules and expand the existing system as and when required. For those who already have a considerable collection, we also offer a wide selection of larger floor-standing racks. Creating an attractive honeycomb effect through the unique design, you will be hard-pressed to find a better-looking home for your wine collection!

For those with an element of artistic flair, our bottle block systems offer the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity as you adapt the modules to suit your own individual needs. Perfect for large, open spaces as well as smaller places where space is limited, each bespoke solution can be built to suit the available space.

If you would like any advice or guidance about designing and structuring your new modular wine storage solution, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01234 822977.

Sometimes a traditional wine rack just won’t cut it. In these situations, something new and innovative is required. Wine storage needn’t be old-fashioned; instead, why not instantly update the look and feel of your home with one of our charming modular wine rack systems?