Nov 27 2014

You’re exploring your wine racks and come across a variety of beautifully aged wines just waiting to be opened, but which are the best to drink during the winter time?

When the chill of winter blows in, it is common to find that our food habits change, meals become heartier and warmer and it is often the case that people require an unspoiled beverage to go with their cosy wintertime meals.

Unwind and crack open a bottle of Domaine Mathieu Cotes Du Rhone for a wine exploding with a cherry sensation which makes for the perfect company when relaxing by a warm fire. This particular wine also goes well with turkey and chicken so it makes an ideal addition to a Christmas dinner.

Another popular winter taster is the Valkenberg Pfalz. A bold, white wine, this drink is heavy with a fruitful yet spiced flavour which can perk up any fish or chicken dish.

The Santi Solane Valpolicella Ripasso is another winter favourite complete with its tempting subtle yet delicious spicy taste and red physique, it is unsurprising that this beverage is most popular with dinner parties and even for a night in. Its smooth texture allows this wine to be drunk alone.

Indulge yourself with a bottle of Claude Cogne alongside a tasteful Indian dish with its accompaniment of rich blackberries and fruity zest, it contrasts well with any sort of red-hot dish that requires a classy wine.

Last, but certainly not least, considered to be the high king of the red wines, Cabernet Sauvignon has a healthy aroma which is bursting with rich, dark flavours screaming out to be savoured. It is also recognized as a true classic winter wine as it pairs well with common meat dishes such as steak and most red meat recipes.

So, there you have it, a few winter warmers to keep your taste buds keen, your wine rack stocked up and your heart glowing this frosty season.