Jun 19 2014

When you’re choosing your wine racks, consider where and how you’re going to store your wine.

The way you store your wine largely depends on what you’re keeping it for. If you’re a regular wine drinker and you want easy access to your wine for dinner or entertaining, it makes sense to buy wine racks that can be stored somewhere accessible – but you still need to pay attention to the best way to keep your wine before it’s opened.

Wine Racks and Where to Keep Them

Keeping your wine racks in the kitchen is the obvious answer for many people and indeed, many kitchens now come with integrated wine storage as an option. If you’re storing your wine in the kitchen, take the time to think about the best place to keep it. Your wine racks should not be on top of the fridge or any other appliance that vibrates, as the vibrations can damage the wine. Similarly, keep your wine racks away from heat sources, as the more stable the temperature, the better your wine will keep. A corner of the kitchen, perhaps on a counter top, where the wine is safe and not exposed to too much sunlight or fluctuating temperatures is pretty good for day-to-day drinking wine storage. Other areas to consider are:

  • Cellars – most wine experts would recommend that you put your wine racks and your wine collection in the cellar, if you have one. You will need to make sure that the cellar is in a decent condition so that the wine is not exposed to conditions that will harm it. The cellar needs to be relatively humid, as this helps to keep the corks moist, and if you’re living over a tube line or near a railway or busy road, you should check that your cellar isn’t subject to heavy vibrations from the transport outside.
  • Garages – you could set up your wine storage in your garage, with wine racks that are stable and secure. You’ll need to make sure, however, that the wine doesn’t get too cold in the garage, or is subject to sudden changes in temperature, and of course you’ll need to keep your garage secure so that your wine collection is safe.
  • Other rooms in the home – if you have a dining area or a spare room that isn’t disturbed too often, these can be good places for storing wine. Make sure that your wine racks are away from any source of direct sunlight as exposure to too much light of any kind can ruin the flavours of your wine. A dark, safe corner is a good spot to keep your wine in good condition.

Wine Racks from Cranville Wine Racks

Wherever you choose to store your wine, you’ll need good quality wine racks that hold your wine bottles at the right angle and help to keep them stable. We have a wide selection of wine racks so that you can choose something that fits with your own personal style and that helps you to keep your wine in good condition. Take a look at our website and buy online today, or call us on 01234 822977 to order over the phone or to find out more.